LOGIA Warehouse Management and Logistics Management

LOGIA comprises a number of specialised modules bundled into packages, each with its own area of focus. You can choose packages and modules individually or as a complete solution.

Technology that creates value

It’s not just about running faster; it’s about working more intelligently. The use of LOGIA technology reduces the workload for your staff while improving productivity and quality.

LOGIA contains all the tools you need in order to run an efficient warehouse and logistics service. From guaranteeing the best utilisation of the physical structure, warehouse and vertical storage lifts to the efficient, flawless handling of incoming and outgoing orders.

The results are improved efficiency, fewer errors and reduced costs. The typical payback time for investment in LOGIA is 1½-3 years.

Smart connected operations

LOGIA manages the entire logistics chain. All services from goods intake and storage to production and shipment are integrated, so associated processes are prioritised and coordinated.

LOGIA monitors the activities in the manual areas, automates areas, robot cells etc., and guarantees data exchange between the individual areas and with the ERP system.

This ensures an efficient, streamlined flow of materials.

Visual and easy-to-operate

One picture says more than 1,000 words.

LOGIA’s user interface is based on visualisation tailored for the storage and logistics process. Employees are guided through the working processes, and the operation to be carried out is visualised so it can easily be read, understood and performed without error. It is quick and efficient.

Employees get an excellent overview and an optimised working rhythm.

Jøtul increases picking efficiency by 30%

A wish to connect the company’s production and warehouse, Jøtul chose to invest in LOGIA WMS. This made both the procedures and processes more efficient and helped to increase the picking efficiency by 30% while the error rate dropped to 0.1%.

Jøtul states:
“… it scored very well on the user interface”

Read more about Jøtul's optimisation

Lean-controlled storage and logistics

LOGIA has built-in lean management elements at all levels.

All working procedures are supported and organised with a minimum of process stages, and all data is secured and collected in the process.

Internal transport is reduced, jobs are carried out appropriately and goods are handled efficiently and flawlessly.

Business Performance provides progress through facts

LOGIA's Business Performance Module provides you with a fact-based basis for decision, so you can constantly optimise operations, manage costs, improve consistency of supply, and develop your warehouse and logistics service.

You obtain an overview of the overall performance of warehouse and logistics and can go further and further into detail with very specific measurements – of an individual resource, an individual item number etc. All data in the LOGIA database can be processed and combined. It can also generate reports, management information etc.

Scalable solution for your warehouse

LOGIA is used in virtually all industries, with great variation in the scope, complexity and automation degree of the solutions. LOGIA is designed as standard packages and service modules, which can be combined and configured in a myriad of ways, depending on the processes and flows of materials, which need to be managed.

Your LOGIA solution is devised based on your company’s warehouse/logistics situation, and on the basis of the delivery service you provide for your customers. There is total flexibility and the solution can easily be expanded if you wish to add new service modules as your business evolves.

Cloud: LOGIA on Demand

LOGIA is available either as a traditional licence or as a Cloud solution.

In the traditional form, you purchase the software package containing the modules you require. You own the software licence and have the software and database on your own chosen server.

In the Cloud solution, the software is located in the Cloud. It is constantly updated with the latest functionality, and you can access it as a fixed price solution or on a subscription basis.


Recent news

Listed below are the latest news about LOGIA.

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06 February 2020

Skive Køletransport vælger LOGIA WMS til deres 3PL


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19 November 2018

Alfa Laval Aalborg is optimising logistics centre

The world leading company within the technology areas of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling, Alfa Laval, has digitalised its shared logistic centre and made it more effective by implementing LOGIA....

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14 August 2018

Many new projects within warehouse and logistics provide busyness at Logimatic

Logimatic is hiring in the department of warehouse and logistics solutions on a large scale. As of 1 July, Christian Stephansen, Anders Brams and Daniel Sørensen have started in the development team of the WMS solution, LOGIA. ...

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23 May 2018

Pilot project: LOGIA viewed through a mixed reality headset

The MR-technology fits perfectly in line with LOGIA’s visual and graphic user interface. We are currently testing how to make the best use of the technology and are evaluating which benefits our customers can gain from it....

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