LOGIA is an inventory management system that manages and optimizes manual inventory. The system ensures optimal workflows and the use of warehouse space, making it easy to schedule tasks. It provides for efficient and flawless order handling.

LOGIA guides employees through optimal picking routes.

"We have reduced our warehouse costs by 22% and increased picking efficiency by 40.6%,"

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Warehouse processes can be optimized in many ways. LOGIA’s warehouse management system is designed according to best practices.

In addition, LOGIA contains special functionality that has been developed over time according to our customers’ needs. This functionality can be added as needed.

Learn more about how the LOGIA WMS ensures efficient warehouse processes 

The location of goods in the warehouse is a very important starting point for achieving efficient picking routes and excellent flow. One of the important control parameters is a product’s ABC categorization.

LOGIA warehouse management ensures that goods are stored at the optimal locations and that inventory is replenished at the picking sites. This is done based on the product’s master data and ABC categorization.

However, ABC categorizations may change over time. LOGIA gives you an overview of goods that are unsuitably located – either within a single warehouse area or across the entire warehouse. This allows you to initiate the relocation of goods whenever and where appropriate.

Learn more about how the LOGIA WMS ensures optimal goods location

LOGIA manages the physical framework and resources of the warehouse to ensure that warehouse space is used in the best way possible. It’s all about taking advantage of the free space in the warehouse to create more space.

The warehouse management system ensures that stock is placed in locations of the right size. Goods that are low in stock on a long-term basis can be stored in mixed inventory locations, so they don’t take up too much warehouse space.

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