Excellent efficiency and quality

A manual warehouse is defined by the fact that employees are the operative resource, moving around for goods. This is the so-called “man to goods” principle.

In this context, good warehouse management is all about working intelligently and efficiently by reducing internal transport and search time, and eliminating unnecessary tasks and handling. Employees need to have a clear overall picture of their tasks to achieve a positive working rhythm and quality of service.

LOGIA offers excellent tools for planning the transaction of orders, guiding warehouse staff through efficient, flawless transactions.

Everyone is online

All employees in the warehouse are online at once, and the user interface is designed to match the needs and user environment of a warehouse. It is agile, process-oriented, and easy to understand.

Employees are spared traditional paper lists, which can be difficult to make sense of. Instead they obtain the right information online via terminals, PDAs, headsets and the like. The information is presented simply and visually and is very easy to understand.

Plan punctual dispatch

LOGIA offers excellent tools for planning the day's incoming and outgoing orders. An overall picture of critical factors such as delivery times, sizes of orders, and stock is crucial for activating orders in the correct sequence and guaranteeing the very best dispatch.

You can constantly follow the progress and status of the day's dispatches vis à vis defined deadlines in overviews. Status calculations provide the expected end time with the current staffing and efficiency. This overview is used for the allocation of staff resources to meet deadlines and to generate an even workload throughout the day.

Streamlined warehouse processes

All processes from goods intake to shipment can be optimised in various ways, depending on the physical layout of the warehouse.

One very important aspect of achieving streamlined warehouse processes is the location of the goods in the warehouse and the establishment of the right placing and replenishment strategies, so that long transport routes and a lack of stock in the picking locations do not hamper the picking process.

When it comes to the actual picking, processes can be made more intelligent with the deployment of batch picking, picking directly in the shipment packaging or with the use of display equipment: for example, LOGIA’s ‘Pick To Light’ displays.

More space and better flow

LOGIA manages the warehouse's physical environment and resources, and ensures optimal utilisation of everything; from storage space and locations to stock, equipment and staff etc.

LOGIA utilises every inch of the warehouse, thereby creating more space. LOGIA guarantees that goods are given the most suitable location, on the basis of transaction volume. The optimal location of goods results in efficient picking routes and excellent flow in the warehouse.

Create results in your warehouse

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