LOGIA manages all automatic storage equipment – no matter what it is. This allows you to choose the automation that best suits your warehouse situation. LOGIA ensures that the capacity is used to the maximum, and that automatic equipment is integrated with the rest of the warehouse.

Equipment for different products can be mixed and managed in the same LOGIA solution.

"We invested in LOGIA and storage machines. It is easy and super-efficient"

Henrik Thomsen, Production Development Engineer, Færch Plast. Read the full story

Thanks to the fact that LOGIA can control storage equipment across brands, you achieve great flexibility and independence. Automatic warehouses can easily be upgraded and/or extended with new equipment – that includes other makes.

Similarly, manual warehouses can easily be extended with automatic storage areas.

LOGIA offers a unique management package for vertical storage lifts. It can control all common makes and models — and these can be combined and managed in the same LOGIA solution. To get the most out of your vertical storage lifts, it is important that they become an integral part of the warehouse and your data flows. LOGIA ensures this through, among other things, a standard interface to ERP and other systems.

Several of our customers started using LOGIA solely for the management of one or more vertical storage lifts. Soon, they chose to expand their LOGIA solution with multiple management packages; for example, for the management of their manual warehouse and picking for production. You can always expand your LOGIA solution over time and as needed.

Learn more about how LOGIA manages vertical storage lifts

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