Optimisation of warehouse capacity and flow

Generally speaking, material handling equipment is based on the “goods to man” principle. Goods are retrieved for the operator who, at an ergonomically correct workstation, can deal with picking or placing.

LOGIA makes sure that, in terms of both warehouse space and speed, the capacity of the system is put to its very best use. As well as ensuring that the system/s perform/s at its/their best, LOGIA also guarantees excellent integration with other automatic equipment and manual storage areas.

This results in excellent flow and maximum benefit of the operation.

Vertical storage lifts

The vertical storage lift is the most widely used warehouse device for small goods. It fits into all sorts of places and is a good supplement in even smaller, manual warehouses. It is a compact form of storage with an ergonomic working position. When used in conjunction with LOGIA’s batch picking feature, you achieve high picking frequency.

There are many brands of vertical storage lifts. LOGIA can control and combine all the lifts in a single solution and guarantee optimal integration between the lifts.

LOGIA integrates the vertical storage lifts into the flow, for example, of a manual warehouse.

Controls all automatic warehouse equipment

LOGIA can manage all automatic warehouse equipment from any manufacturer. Solutions range from managing a single vertical storage lift to managing and integrating fully automated distribution centres.

LOGIA’s advanced management algorithms guarantee maximum utilisation of every single system’s capacity, while optimising the interaction and flow between systems.

LOGIA manages everything as a whole and with only one interface for the ERP system.

Færch Plast has great success with self-service on the spare parts storage

Færch Plast has invested in the LOGIA Warehouse Management System for the control of vertical lifts and a shelf storage – both on the spare parts storage. Thereby, the company has gotten a compact warehouse where all 50 engineers easily and quickly can find what they need at all hours of the day.

Production Development Technician, Henrik Thomsen expresses:
“It’s easy and super efficient.”

Read more about Færch Plast

Flexibility and degree of automation

Thanks to the fact that LOGIA can control storage equipment across brands, you achieve great flexibility and independence. Automatic warehouses can easily be upgraded and/or extended with new equipment – that includes other makes.

Similarly, manual warehouses can easily be extended with automatic storage areas.

Time for automation?

Contact us, tell us about your warehouse situation and learn about the options.
This way you will obtain an idea of whether or not this is something for you.

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