Warehouse and logistics situation

TOP-TOY’s distribution centre in Greve is one of the most automated in Northern Europe. State-of-the-art equipment and reliable WMS guarantee efficient, punctual delivery of goods to TOP-TOY's 185 Toys R Us and BR toyshops in Scandinavia. Logimatic has provided LOGIA, which controls the entire flow of goods from goods reception to shipping.

Millions of kroner of investment in expansion and further automation will leverage TOP-TOY for continued growth and optimisation of their warehouse and logistics services. Qubiqa A/S is the full-line supplier for the project with Logimatic as subcontractor (providing the LOGIA Warehouse Management System) and FKI Logistex as the supplier of the sorting facility.

Design of the innovative solution

Qubiqa A/S and Logimatic, in close cooperation with TOP-TOY, designed the facility and management software for the distribution centre, on the basis of TOP-TOY’s business processes.

On several occasions, Logimatic has provided Univeyor’s warehouse and distribution solutions, and the two companies are therefore accustomed to working on large and complex facilities.

Efficient management and real-time info

LOGIA controls and optimises the entire internal product flow from goods reception to the automatic storage areas and the flow of products from the warehouse areas via the facility's picking stages to the sorting facility.

The interface for TOP TOY’s MPS system ensures efficient implementation of incoming and outgoing orders and the online status of transactions and processes.

Logimatic’s task was divided into two phases, the first being to replace existing management software with LOGIA's WMS/WCS. Concurrently, the management software for the actual expansion of the automatic facility was developed and then commissioned.

“For suppliers of equipment and controls, the big challenge was to guarantee the flow of goods during the implementation process,” says Karsten Bangshaab, CEO of Logimatic. “We are also very conscious of the huge responsibility incumbent on us as suppliers of the management software for the project.”

From goods reception to shipping

Orders from shops are automatically submitted to the distribution warehouse via TOP-TOY’s central IT system, which manages stock, sold items and purchases in the shops.

LOGIA has many fundamental tasks, which it tackles in close interaction with TOP-TOY’s MRP system.

LOGIA controls all automatic storage sections, the container warehouse and the automatic transport of pallets and packages around the facility. There is a large number of transactions and the demand for response times is huge, so pallets and packages are managed correctly in a smooth, efficient flow.

LOGIA is responsible for management of locations and stock in the automatic warehouse section. In addition, LOGIA deploys “load balancing” to guarantee maximum utilisation of the facility’s overall crane capacity.

LOGIA works as a batch executor in the automatic facility and delivers all picked packages and inner packages to the sorter, with the necessary information to be used for the next sorting.

LOGIA overview screen images help TOP-TOY’s employees to monitor processes in the automated facility.

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