We are proud to present the following selection of references who use our technology and knowledge to realise their business goals.

Av Form

40% increased picking efficiency and 22% reduction in storage costs. LOGIA manages 8 vertical storage lifts and manual warehouse.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Flying Tiger's e-commerce warehouse is managed by LOGIA. Employees can pick for 12 orders at the same time, and freight is integrated into the solution.

Færch Plast

Færch Plast's spare parts warehouse for maintenance of the production unit is managed by LOGIA. LOGIA has a self-service front and manages inventory and locations.


30% increased picking efficiency and 0.1% error. LOGIA manages the entire warehouse at Jøtul, one of the world's leading manufacturers of furnaces.


Denmark's largest manufacturer of welding machines, Migatronic, digitizes the warehouse and production logistics. LOGIA controls the manual warehouse, vertical storage lifts, and material flow for production.


LINAK's productivity increases and process costs are lowered by 40%. LOGIA manages LINAK's intermediate warehouse with vertical storage lift and manual warehouse area.


Optimera is Norway's largest building materials retailer. LOGIA manages 6 vertical storage lifts, optimizes storage processes and is fully integrated with the LAWSON M3 ERP system.


Hemmakväll has both a webshop and physical stores. LOGIA manages the warehouse, which consists of 2 vertical storage lifts and a manual pallet warehouse.


Swix implemented their first LOGIA solution in 2005. Today, LOGIA manages their modern logistics and concept center in Lillehammer.

MAN Energy Solutions

At MAN Energy Solutions, LOGIA manages 14 vertical storage lifts of 4 different makes and is fully integrated with the SAP system.


Umicore's production of catalysts is located in China. LOGIA manages the intermediate warehouse in the production area. It consists of two miniloads and a rail system.

Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval has digitized and streamlined the logistics center with LOGIA, which manages both the project warehouse and the spare parts warehouse.


Cykelpartner's webshop warehouse is equipped with 4 vertical storage lifts. LOGIA manages the vertical storage lifts and is integrated with Cykelpartner's webshop.

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