Flying Tiger Copenhagen has taken off with e-commerce in Denmark, and customers can now purchase products both in stores and online. Online orders are delivered to the customer’s home address or can be picked up at one of Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s stores. The new set-up places demands on the company’s logistics, so it initiated a collaboration with Logimatic, choosing the standard LOGIA solution to support its e-commerce fulfillment processes. Less than four months after the initial meeting, the first items were shipped from the distribution center, and the web shop has gotten off to a flying start.

Warehouse and logistics situation

The Danish retail chain Flying Tiger has over 900 physical stores in 29 countries.

The company has so far delivered large shipments to its stores around the world, but until now, it has not been possible for individual customers to order goods online.

The new e-commerce solution creates a new warehouse and logistics situation for Flying Tiger, as the company is now delivering many small orders directly to its customers. The warehouse is manual and is staffed by both permanent employees and temporary workers.

Quality is the most important

The criteria for a successful e-commerce fulfillment set-up are: high delivery speed, no picking errors, scalability, and efficiency. The fulfillment set-up is supported by the LOGIA warehouse management system, which ensures that the success criteria can be achieved. All employees are online in LOGIA via tablets. 

Picking for 12 orders at once

When a customer places an order in the Flying Tiger’s web shop before 2:00 p.m., the order is shipped the same day. Received orders are prioritized according to shipping time, and picking rounds handle up to 12 orders at once. This enables employees to deal effectively with many small orders simultaneously.

Visualization minimizes errors

LOGIA guides warehouse employees through picking rounds and to the right picking locations. The tablet shows a picture of the item, the order quantity, and the picking boxes into which the items are to be distributed.

Employees ensure that they are in the right picking location by scanning the location. When the picking round is complete, all the picked items are scanned before being packed for shipping. LOGIA indicates any error pickings and how to handle them. This provides an efficient and error-free warehouse transaction.

WMS, web shop, and freight integrated into one solution

LOGIA is integrated with Flying Tiger’s web shop, so critical factors such as the availability of goods are shared across the two platforms. Transport administration is also integrated into the solution, so that the freight is ordered directly from LOGIA and the customer is notified when the order is packed and ready for shipment.

A flying start

Flying Tiger chose a standard solution from LOGIA to manage its new e-commerce set-up. This made it possible to define the project and put it into operation in less than four months. The web shop got off to a flying start. It went live on January 13, 2020, and the first orders were shipped the same day.

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