Since 2006, LOGIA’s warehouse management system has provided the framework for Arla’s management of both manual and automatic storage areas at the milk powder factory in Vimmerby. Annually, the factory processes 600 million kg of milk and produces approx. 64,000 tons of milk powder.

The total warehouse area is approximately 5,000 square meters, as well as a shipping area. The warehouse employs around 15 employees, who ensure that the flow in the warehouse works optimally. LOGIA communicates with Arla Vimmerby’s ERP system, SAP.

A desire for greater efficiency

Back in 2005, Arla Vimmerby had a great desire to achieve greater efficiency, a better overview, and a better flow in the warehouse management of both manual and automatic storage areas. This led to the collaboration with LOGIA warehouse management, which today ensures the interaction between the warehouse areas with a single solution that all warehouse employees can access online.

Every day, the factory receives around 1,500,000 kg of milk, which is processed on the dairy’s processing lines into milk powder, packed in sacks or bag bags. At the end of the production lines, the milk powder is handed over to LOGIA for goods receipt to the finished goods warehouse, and for subsequent storage in the respective storage areas or cross-docking directly for shipment. LOGIA controls the automation as well as all the manual processes in the warehouse until the finished shipments are loaded onto trucks.

Manual and automatic warehouse areas

The manual storage area consists of pallet racking divided into 3 crane aisles and operated by narrow aisle trucks. In the warehouse, the pallets are placed according to their current status and the location is defined based on whether the goods are high frequency or low frequency. The automated storage area, which is a channel warehouse, is divided into 2 logical sections, which are operated separately by two cranes. The warehouse can accommodate up to 14 pallets in depth. Here the pallets are stored until they are allocated to a specific sales order transferred from SAP. And depending on when the order is picked up by the carrier, the placement of the pallets is arranged.

When an order is delivered to the shipping area, a truck picks up the pallet and places it at the correct ramp and gate in the shipping area.


Arla Vimmerby chose to upgrade the LOGIA solution again in 2022 in order to benefit from the latest functionalities and thus increase efficiency. In addition, the latest upgrades make it even easier for the company to scale the solution continuously as needed.

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