Optimum flow of material improves production

Goods for production orders need to be accessible at the production cells just before production starts; preferably not too long before and certainly not later. Goods delivered before take up unnecessary space in the production area and can get in the way. Goods that are delivered too late result in poor utilisation of the capacity.

After the production process, the manufactured items (semi-finished/finished products) need to be moved on to the next process in line, moved to the warehouse or to be packed and shipped. They must not take up space in the production area.

LOGIA manage picking to production, moving between production cells and moving to semi-finished or finished goods warehouses. This provides optimal flow and punctual and correct stock management.

Coordination between warehouse and production pays off

Warehouse and production workers are online on LOGIA and coordinate the ordering and delivery of goods via the system.

At the terminal, the production operator can see planned production orders within a given time window and with given deadlines. From here, jobs are initiated with start and end times. This generates jobs for the warehouse staff, who see picking jobs displayed on their mobile devices, stating what needs to be picked, where to deliver it, and to which particular work station in the production area.

The solution is based on scanning or individual registrations. Transactions take place at the same time as physical stock movement. This paves the way for precise stock management.

Quality control and traceability

Before, during and after the production process, there may be inspections, in which items get checked and values recorded.

LOGIA will ‘ask for’ these values, and you cannot proceed in the process before these have been registered in LOGIA. Registrations can either be scanned or typed in.

LOGIA stores data in the performance history and at any time this can be used in the context of documentation and traceability etc.

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