LOGIA was designed and developed specifically for warehouse and logistics operations. LOGIA is, at its core, process-oriented to ensure that all warehouse work is supported. All planning takes place in LOGIA’s management tools, which also provide progress overview and status data.

LOGIA is easy to operate: process-oriented, uncomplicated, and easy to understand.

With LOGIA, you can achieve the best warehouse results.

LOGIA manages the entire logistics chain. All services from goods intake and storage to production and shipment are integrated, so associated processes are prioritised and coordinated.

LOGIA monitors the activities in the manual areas, automates areas, robot cells etc., and guarantees data exchange between the individual areas and with the ERP system.

This ensures an efficient, streamlined flow of materials.

LOGIA integrates with approximately 30 ERP systems, including SAP, M3, Visma, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX.

Transport management can be integrated into the solution. Data can thus be shared across platforms, and freight ordering can be made directly in LOGIA as part of the workflow. LOGIA comes with a default interface for Consignor and other TA systems.

LOGIA can also be integrated with web shops where information such as the availability and inventory of goods can be shared.

LOGIA is available either as a traditional licence or as a Cloud solution.

In the traditional form, you purchase the software package containing the modules you require. You own the software licence and have the software and database on your own chosen server.

In the Cloud solution, the software is located in the Cloud. It is constantly updated with the latest functionality, and you can access it as a fixed price solution or on a subscription basis.

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