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10.11.2016 - News

World-leading medical manufacturer chooses LOGIA*Gen6

At Scottish Vascutek, first-class quality, security and efficiency are integral throughout the entire supply chain.

ascutek is a world leader in the design and manufacture of the stent graft system, which is used for vascular surgery such as bypass operations.

The medical industry is generally subject to very high demands and products must comply with certifications that may differ from country to country. This places great demands on management, handling and registration/documentation throughout the entire supply chain – not least at the storage stage.

Vascutek is automating their warehouse of finished products with 4 vertical storage lifts and LOGIA’s warehouse management system. The lifts provide compact and hygienic physical storage. LOGIA controls the lifts and ensures that storage and picking take place efficiently, correctly and with documentation. The products are managed according to batch number, certificates, expiry date and serial number. Everything is registered, ensuring full traceability.

Vascutek has chosen the new LOGIA*Gen6 solution with warehouse automation/WCS and integration with Vascutek’s ERP system QAD. The solution will be operative starting December 2016.

Vascutek is headquartered near Glasgow in Scotland and is American-owned.

Logimatic won the order in close cooperation with Randex.