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26.10.2017 - News

Weibel Scientific automates production warehouse

Automation will pave the way for a more efficient and space-optimized production warehouse at Weibel.

The Danish company Weibel is at the forefront in terms of use of technology and automation, both excelling with the position as a world leader in radars for space research, aeronautics and defence, but also as to the ability to maintain development and production in Denmark – more specifically, in Allerød.

Now, it concerns the production warehouse, which Weibel will automate in order to streamline production order picking and to free up space. Three storage machines and the software management system LOGIA from Logimatic were chosen and the solution will be integrated with Weibel’s Navision system.

Weibel had several requirements for both the solution and the supplier, which Logimatic was able to meet. For many years, Logimatic has been a supplier to the Defence Command Denmark, and the company was in terms of competency and solutions able to meet Weibel’s security requirements.