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01.09.2015 - News

Tupperware Implements LOGIA

In the Tupperware warehouse in Portugal, space had become too cramped. The solution was an excellent warehouse control solution with LOGIA.

The Effimat vertical storage lift (DK) and LOGIA automatic warehouse management will replace a manual small parts storage area in the Tupperware factory in Portugal.

The warehouse is operational from Monday to Friday between 6.00 am and 12.00 midnight and serves customers in the likes of Portugal and Spain, who are serviced by Tupperware’s network of home party representatives.

Effimat is an extremely compact form of storage with good ergonomic operation and picking speed of up to 400 order lines per hour.

LOGIA controls the Effimat and is integrated with Tupperware’s DOPS system. LOGIA ensures optimal use of the automatic system’s capacity and tackles orders in the right sequence in the order flow.

The solution is currently being implemented and will be operational in September 2015.