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08.02.2023 - News

The demand for automation control is increasing

The lack of manpower combined with geographical conditions means that more stockholding companies consider increasing the degree of automation.

Companies focus on increasing the efficiency so they can produce even more with existing resources, and thus increase the competitive advantage. In this context, there is a wide range of technological options that could be considered. The main part concerns changes in the underlying inventory management.

Many companies choose LOGIA to achieve maximum utilization of storage capacity. At the same time, it is important that the automatic warehouse equipment and the manual warehouse are integrated into one overall solution. This ensures efficient handling of goods from the first receipt to shipment.

LOGIA offers many opportunities to work smarter, more appropriate, and finally correct. In accordance with lean, unnecessary handling, processes, and registrations are eliminated. Many companies find that logistics is becoming more and more complex, and this can be met with LOGIA. LOGIA manages that everyone works purposefully on the completion of the tasks to ensure internal and external deliveries.

The work with optimization of logistics at a large number of companies has confirmed that there is a great potential for optimization, which can be realized through the combination between LOGIA and modern warehouse automation.

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