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10.03.2020 - News

Orders are flying out of Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s new e-commerce set-up

Flying Tiger Copenhagen has taken off with e-commerce in Denmark.

This is a completely different logistics task than the company normally operates, so they initiated a collaboration with Logimatic in September 2019. They selected the standard solution, LOGIA, to support their new fulfillment processes at the distribution center. Flying Tiger Copenhagen got off to a flying start and shipped its first items on launch day, January 13, 2020.

Christian Levorsen, Vice President of Logistics at Flying Tiger Copenhagen, is extremely pleased with the solution and says, “We came ashore on time, and the solution works very well for us. A good platform has been created for further development. The cooperation with Logimatic has been excellent.”

The choice of the standard solution enabled the project to be defined and put into operation in less than four months. The solution was integrated with both the web frontend and transport management, which means that information about the availability of the goods, for example, is shared across the platforms, and the freight can be ordered directly from LOGIA.

“Implementation speed and the quality of the solution were crucial for us, as we had to create a fulfillment set-up for e-commerce,” says Christian Levorsen, Vice President of Logistics.

LOGIA ensures that Flying Tiger can deliver many small orders directly to customers fast, efficiently, and flawlessly. Warehouse employees can process up to 12 orders at a time and are guided to the most optimal picking of orders.

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