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18.07.2019 - News

Optimise your company’s logistics!

Allow us to constructively challenge you in relation to your company’s logistics. We have the proper tools and expertise to identify ways to generate increased profits in logistics.

Logimatic has appointed Thomas Severinsen as Logistics Consultant.

Thomas’s task is to challenge and reveal the potential for development in your company’s logistics, as well as to shed light on your possibilities for optimisation and possible automation. He combines our expertise in logistics with an eye for business. Together, we optimise your logistical set-up to match and support your company’s planning and development.

Logimatic offers to create a simple optimisation report that identifies areas of potential and proposes concrete actions, including ROI on the project. This will give you a concrete basis for decision-making from which you can initiate the necessary actions, which can often become postponed due to daily operation or lacking surplus.

Thomas will be reaching out to clients, but you can also contact him directly at +45 30 70 93 83 or if you would like an informal discussion to help uncover your company’s potential.