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09.06.2021 - News

New LOGIA functionality reduces packaging and shipping costs

LOGIA is developing rapidly and is expanding again with several new functionalities, which will make warehouse processes even more efficient.

The LOGIA team is constantly developing the platform further, and efficient warehouse processes with as few process steps as possible is always the goal. Recently, many processes in connection with warehouse shipments have been streamlined with new functionalities.

The new functionalities make it possible to ship products in their own packaging, to optimize the range and save shipping, as well as integration with several shipping systems.

Shipping in own packaging

With the new functionality, products can be shipped in their own packaging in situations where the packaging is suitable for it, such as a box of wine or a speaker. The function can be set up on items where, due to size or shape, it is more appropriate and efficient than packing them with other items.

The warehouse employees have a printer with them on the picking cart, and when the item is picked up, a shipping label is automatically printed, and then placed directly on the packaging. The item is placed on a shipping pallet on the picking cart, which is driven to the shipping area when the picking round is completed. This means that extra handling in connection with the packaging is avoided and that packaging is saved.

Optimized rank area and less shipping

LOGIA’s move-to-rank function has been expanded with more information that helps warehouse employees optimize the rank area and save on shipping. The screen shows, for example, where other pallets for the same customer are located, and whether there are more on the way so that they can easily be placed together. The screen also shows the customers’ maximum height per pallet. A low pallet with few items can, for example, be placed on top of another pallet not utilizing the maximum height. This shipping optimization provides savings on shipping.

Integration with CoolRunner shipping system

LOGIA is expanding with a standard integration with the CoolRunner transport system. Furthermore, it will be possible to integrate with several transport systems at once, including both CoolRunner and Consignor. Integration with the transport systems means that everything can be managed directly by LOGIA. Data is shared across the systems, and shipping can be ordered in LOGIA as part of the work processes. This results in fewer process steps, and the warehouse staff only has to work with one system.

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