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15.11.2022 - News

LOGIA’s unique job scheduler suits the warehouse’s needs completely

More and more warehousing companies discover the opportunities with LOGIA’s job scheduler, which simplifies the warehouse, streamlines processes, and meets the challenge of finding labour.

The complexity in logistics operations is increasing in many companies, which among others is a consequence of the development in the company’s geographic markets, in the number of sales channels and customer types in addition to an increasing product mix. A development that makes it more and more difficult for the operators to manage the warehouse handling.

LOGIA’s job scheduler and its many possibilities for optimization is an attractive implement for many companies. It makes it possible to control the assignment of the next job based on pre-defined rules for the specific warehouse. As an example, it could be to ensure:

  • that the operator simply begins orders that can be delivered
  • that jobs are initiated according to the orders’ pick-up time by the transport supplier
  • that picking- and reordering jobs are prioritized according to how critical they are
  • that a number of jobs are assigned to the picking operator, which are aligned with the capacity of the physical equipment
  • that orders can be picked directly to the shipping packaging or the unit
  • that orders are divided according to the orders’ size in volume

The functionality enables businesses to eliminate unnecessary downtime and strengthen the efficiency in both the warehouse handling and at management level. The job scheduler allows seasonal workers and temporary workers to participate in the storekeeping quickly and effortlessly while also meeting the companies’ challenge of finding labour.