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25.05.2020 - News

LOGIA will manage the flow of goods at Sygehus Sønderjylland’s new central warehouse

Sygehus Sønderjylland wanted a storage management system for its new central warehouse. The hospital chose LOGIA to control the flow of goods throughout the warehouse, including controlling six vertical storage lifts, optimizing storage processes, and meeting the hospital’s high demands for hygiene.

Sygehus Sønderjylland’s new central warehouse serves the hospitals in both Aabenraa and Sønderborg. The new warehouse buildings have little room for goods, so Sygehus Sønderjylland has invested in six vertical storage lifts to take advantage of the height of the warehouse and store all small items in a compact way.

Sygehus Sønderjylland wanted a WMS system to manage the flow of goods in the new central warehouse, including the new storage lifts. The WMS system also needed to integrate with Sygehus Sønderjylland’s ERP system, ILS. The hospital chose to collaborate with Logimatic, which develops and supports the LOGIA storage management system.

“Logimatic won the project because of their core competencies and experience with WMS systems, vertical storage lift management, and integration with ERP systems. They could deliver a solution that is more than satisfactory in relation to our needs and at a competitive price,” says Bente Clausen, Program Manager at Sygehus Sønderjylland.

The hospital’s high hygiene and quality standards

The central warehouse has both sterile and clean products, creating special requirements for handling and storage to ensure the items remain sterile and clean. The warehouse contains several separate warehouse areas with manual storage processes and storage lifts to ensure that the hygiene requirements are met.

LOGIA manages the flow of goods in all areas of the warehouse and ensures that the hospital’s requirements for controlling expiration dates and tracing products are met. The storage areas are controlled in different ways and have different processes.

Optimized flow and increased efficiency

The warehouse is staffed by five to six employees who receive goods and process orders for the clinical departments’ storage rooms and cabinets. LOGIA assigns picking orders to the warehouse employees and guides them through the picking rounds. All unnecessary actions and manual entries have been eliminated, and the warehouse employees are guided via images and illustrations in LOGIA. As a result, LOGIA streamlines the warehouse processes, optimizes the flow, and minimizes the number of errors.

Sygehus Sønderjylland also uses LOGIA’s route administration to manage the distribution of ready-picked orders to the clinical departments of the hospital in Aabenraa and via shipments in transit to the clinical departments in Sønderborg, in Tønder, and elsewhere.


Sygehus Sønderjylland chose LOGIA in the spring of 2019 and has been preparing the implementation since the summer of 2019. A gradual roll-out of the warehouse areas was planned to begin in autumn 2019. However, due to changes in the central warehouse building process and the management of the coronavirus situation, LOGIA will be gradually put into operation from spring to autumn 2020.