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11.05.2021 - News

LOGIA is expanding with hybrid Pick-by-Voice solution

The new solution combines LOGIA’s visual user interface with the well-known Pick-by-Voice technology. This combination makes the picking process easier, minimizes the risk of errors, and creates more possibilities.

With a classic Pick-by-Voice solution, all communication is done via a headset that guides the warehouse employees through the picking rounds. In LOGIA’s new hybrid solution, this can be combined with a tablet that has a visual user interface displaying the location of the goods in the warehouse and how the pick is to be handled. This means that the warehouse employees have a visual presentation, while they are simultaneously being guided via headsets.

The hybrid solution makes it possible to take advantage of both features. With the voice dialogues, the processes are voice-controlled, which frees up employees’ hands. The tablet facilitates the provision of more information which would otherwise be limited with voice functionality alone, and the use of visualizations, images and symbols makes it easier to understand. This optimizes the picking process and minimizes the risk of errors.

The Voice feature is based on Lydia Voice technology. It will become possible to combine voice and tablet dialogues together, or to use them separately. The first customer will be operating the hybrid Pick-by-Voice solution already in June.