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28.08.2015 - News

Hoyer changes Control System of Vertical Storage Lifts

Hoyer has 10 vertical storage lifts. They are changing the control system of them to achieve better use of them. The control will now be conducted by LOGIA warehouse management system’s automatic storage and retrieval module.

In Hoyer’s warehouse in Hadsten there are 10 vertical storage lifts, which are used for the compact storage of transmission components.

The vertical storage lifts are 7-8 years old and the control had become obsolete. In order to extend the service life of the vertical storage lifts and make better use of them, Hoyer has decided to replace the control with LOGIA’s module for vertical storage lifts. This will help Hoyer achieve a higher rate of filling in the vertical storage lifts. The company will also achieve more flexible processes and better flow in their everyday operations.

LOGIA management will be integrated with Hoyer’s C5 solution and start operation in summer 2015.

Hoyer is a global supplier of electric motors and mechanical transmission solutions. The company has its headquarters in Denmark and China, and is represented by a series of branches and sales offices throughout the world. The company, which was founded in 1974, employs a workforce of more than 150.