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22.06.2020 - News

Flying Tiger Copenhagen – Total transformation from manual warehouse to fully automated distribution center

Flying Tiger Copenhagen was outgrowing the existing facilities of its manual warehouse, so when the opportunity presented itself, it chose to take over one of Northern Europe’s most automated distribution centers, which is 60,000 m2.

This transition creates an entirely new warehouse at Flying Tiger Copenhagen and simultaneously opens new opportunities to service the chain’s many stores.

The move also means that all warehouse processes must be transformed into the new fully automatic warehouse setup. It has also been necessary to implement various changes to the management of the automated warehouse to adapt the distribution center to Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s processes and needs.

Due to the high degree of automation, Flying Tiger Copenhagen has chosen to switch to a new WMS. The new WMS will make it possible to manage and integrate the distribution center’s automated installations, automated warehouse processes, and manual warehouse in one solution. The selection of the LOGIA WMS platform and the entire setup and removal process was carried out in close cooperation with Roima Denmark.

The distribution center will deliver goods across 29 countries to 450 of Flying Tiger’s more than 990 stores. The new warehouse setup will ensure that the stores will experience a higher level of service, an orders from stores will be packed appropriately to facilitate in-store unpacking.

LOGIA will manage the entire distribution center, including the new online store storage facility established in one of the warehouses. The solution also includes LOGIA route management, rank management, and load management, enabling full traceability of store pallets and goods to the trucks and from the warehouse into the shops.

LOGIA will start operating on June 22, 2020.