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08.01.2018 - News

Ejner Hessel chooses super solution for super vehicles

Denmark’s largest Mercedes dealer and service provider Ejner Hessel is automating its spare parts warehouse. The solution will be integrated with Autoline, the ERP system of the auto business.

Spare parts are critical factors in a workshop. There is a lot of them, they take up a lot of space and they need to be in just the right place, when they’re needed. Ejner Hessel was challenged by the space issue and, in order to optimise space utilisation at the spare parts warehouse, chose to invest in two ClassicMat™ automatic storage systems from Effimat and the LOGIA inventory management system from Roima Denmark.

LOGIA controls the automatic storage systems and is integrated with Autoline. The two systems share information and business processes are tied in and efficient. The LOGIA warehouse management system features a simple interface with standard APIs and protocols, and may be easily integrated with ERP systems and other solutions.

“It’s simply pioneering work for the industry to integrate the ClassicMater directly with Autoline. Autoline has been developed and refined throughout 30 years and, today, it is used by more than 4,000 car dealerships in 45 countries, ” says Niels Have, Sales Manager at Roima Denmark.

ClassicMater provides Ejner Hessel with compact storage and good utilisation of the square metres. Two automatic storage systems with a total 25m2 footprint provide 40m3 storage space. As a bonus, Ejner Hessel improves the loading and picking of spare parts.

New routines at the spare parts warehouse

All scheduled service jobs are prepared the day before the vehicles arrive. The warehouse picks the spare parts that are scheduled for use in the planned jobs, e.g. a 100,000km inspection, and delivers the spare parts to the right section of the workshop.

In addition, there are the unforeseen repairs and vehicles arriving with ‘acute’ problems. Once a vehicle has been ’diagnosed’, the vehicle and the requirement for spare parts is registered in Autoline. The spare parts order is automatically sent to LOGIA, which allows the warehouse to start picking the spare parts. It is super-efficient and there is a short turn-around time for the delivery of the spare parts to the workshop.

The solution goes operational in January 2018.