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17.01.2023 - News

Arla Vimmerby upgrades specialized WMS/WCS-solution

Arla Vimmerby in Sweden has upgraded to the latest version of LOGIA WMS and is now able to benefit from the brand new functionalities.

Since 2006, LOGIA WMS has framed Arla’s handling of both manual and automotive warehouse areas, in the milk powder fabric in Vimmerby. Annually, the factory processes 600 million kilos of milk and produces approximately 64,000 tons of milk powder. The total storage area amounts to approximately 5,000 square meters along with a shipping area. The warehouse employs around 15 employees, who ensure that the flow in the warehouse functions optimally.

The solution increases efficiency at the milk powder factory. In addition, the upgrade makes it more effortless for the company to scale the solution continuously according to new needs.

LOGIA communicates with Arla Vimmerby’s ERP system, SAP via a standard LOGIA SAP interface.