What is batch picking in a warehouse?

What is batch picking?

Batch picking means picking for several different orders simultaneously. The warehouse employee will typically have more boxes on the picking cart in which the orders are distributed. This results in fewer picking rounds, which means that the internal transport time is reduced and efficiency is increased.

The inventory management system LOGIA puts together the most optimal batches and guides the employee through the picking round. LOGIA’s visual user interface displays the picking boxes into which the goods are to be distributed. Visualization makes it easy to understand and minimizes errors. Orders can also be picked directly in the shipping packaging. LOGIA indicates which packaging sizes the employee must use and where they must be placed on the picking trolley. 

LOGIA also has batch picking functionality, which is specially adapted for warehouses with many single-item orders such as webshops. With LOGIA’s Single Line function, all orders with only one item number are automatically collected in one batch pick. The goods are then transported to the packing area, where they are individually packed in shipping packaging.

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