Vertical storage lift

What is a vertical storage lift?

A vertical storage lift is an automatic storage solution that stores small items compactly in height. The solution is space-saving, as the height of the warehouse is utilized, and the items take up less space.

The vertical storage lift contains shelves with compartments for the various items, which are driven at high speed to the opening of the automated lift when items are to be picked. The opening is located at an ergonomic working height, so the picking process is easy, fast, and convenient for the warehouse employees. The items-to-man principle means that internal transport is avoided, and process steps are minimized.

Warehouse management software for automated storage lifts

Vertical storage lifts are controlled by warehouse management software, which ensures that the right shelves are driven forward in the order in which the items are to be picked. The warehouse management system LOGIA has a management package that is specifically developed for warehouse storage lifts. The platform’s visual user interface guides the warehouse employee through the processes. LOGIA has full control over all items in the storage lifts and ensures that capacity and speed are utilized to the maximum.

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Managing the entire warehouse

To achieve the best results, the vertical storage lifts should be integrated with the rest of the warehouse. LOGIA is designed to control the entire warehouse, both manual processes and all automatic equipment. This ensures that everything is tied together and managed most efficiently.

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What is a storage robot?

A storage robot is a designation, which can cover different types of automatic equipment for the warehouse. Like storage lifts, storage robots typically require WMS management to ensure that the robot handles e.g., items or orders correctly.

The WMS solution LOGIA can control all automated warehouse equipment in the same solution. This gives you full flexibility to choose and assemble the equipment that best suits your storage situation.

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