What is a job scheduler in a warehouse management system?

What is a job scheduler?

LOGIA’s job scheduler automatically prioritizes, aggregates, and assigns picking and replenishment jobs.

Among other things, orders can be prioritized according to shipping time and availability of goods, depending on the situation. For example, if inventory at a picking location is insufficient, the order is not activated.

The job scheduler combines picking orders to batches, where several orders can be picked at a time. The combination is based, among other things, on the composition and volume of the orders so that it is adapted to the load carrier. Conversely, large orders can also be split into, for example, two picking orders.

Warehouse workers are assigned a picking round that follows the most appropriate route in the warehouse and ensures that items are picked according to the order in which they are to be packed in the shipping packaging. This order depends on weight and other critical product characteristics.

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