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Delivery to, and collection from the shipping area should preferably take place successively so as not to create queues at gateways and space problems in the shipping area.

LOGIA controls space in the shipping area and ensures that goods are ranked optimally in terms of collection gates and order. All cargo is registered with a rank number. This ensures that the right cargo can quickly be located and loaded, and the right orders reach the right haulier.

LOGIA has integrated freight ordering and transport administration, ensuring consolidation and preparation before the haulier takes over.

Dynamic rank management

LOGIA controls the shipping area as a number of gates and a number of ranks with a given number of pallet spaces. Ranks can vary in size and have different locations in relation to the gates. LOGIA controls and reserves ranks for orders in the shipping area on the basis of loading times and volume forecasts for the orders.

Orders are assigned the necessary space and ranked in terms of customer as near as possible to, the gate where they will be collected, and in relation to the current time slot. Orders are loaded on to the trucks according to their reading order. This ensures that the right cargo reaches the right haulier. Neither more nor less.

Overview screens display space requirements, degree of utilisation and reservations, and give a warning if space requirements cannot be accommodated within the scheduled loading times. This means that you can quickly re-schedule orders or change loading times.

Freight forecasts and loading management

LOGIA generates freight forecasts based on the number of completed pallets and expected number of pallets. This is used for internal rank control and as information for the haulier.

LOGIA loading management optimises the handling of orders from the shipping area to the truck, and ensures that this is carried out as efficiently and flawlessly as possible.

When the freight is collected, LOGIA controls what orders should be loaded and indicates where they are located in the shipping area. Load carrier labels are scanned as the pallets are loaded. This prevents loading incorrect pallets, and no pallets are forgotten. When loading is finished, the data is used for the automatic printing of freight papers, so you avoid typing, and errors are kept to a minimum.

Integrated freight ordering

LOGIA integrates with transport administration solutions such as Consignor. The freight is ordered with a single click in LOGIA as part of the working procedure in the packing process.

All relevant data is collected, and you can change haulier up until the moment the order is sent to the transport provider. This provides maximum flexibility and creates the best possible basis for optimising freight costs: for example, in the shape of bundles and transport consolidation.

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