The company behind LOGIA

Logimatic is a Danish engineering and software company. We develop, sell, implement and support our own software and automation solutions.

Our solutions are niche products aimed at optimising processes, making the best possible use of resources, ensuring quality and reducing costs.

Our customers are companies who realise the value of technological development. They have high expectations in terms of solutions and of us as their supplier. At times, the projects have been highly ambitious, but customers have always trusted our ability to tackle the task.

Logimatic was founded in 1987 has headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark.

Our knowledge gives you value

We have accumulated our knowledge over countless projects for companies with comprehensive logistics and distribution activities. Without this domain knowledge, technology would simply be technology. We integrate knowledge and technology and provide productive solutions for our customers.

The expertise of our staff is challenged and developed by cooperation with customers in projects, which are often all about changes that can improve the customer’s efficiency in a world of ever increasing competition.

Service og support

We understand our customers’ needs and the importance of an efficient system, and are totally aware of the consequences of stoppages. The LOGIA service and support team comprises experienced staff and developers with profound knowledge and technical experience.

A service and hotline contract guarantees high availability and user help, so our customers can comply with their delivery times and minimise expenses. The scope and content of the support are flexible and based on the needs of the individual customer. We offer a ‘menu’ of options, including both service window and services.

Cooperation and networks

We work closely with other operators in the logistics sector, with leading suppliers of automation equipment (e.g. vertical storage lifts, mini loads and robots) and with suppliers of software and hardware. These collaborations mean that customers receive cohesive solutions and often a single point-of-contact.

We are actively involved in a number of networks involving consulting firms and universities. We play an active role in promoting productivity in Danish companies as part of the 'Fuld Skrue' campaign, and in the Smartlog network, which aims to increase the importance of logistics.

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